Why it only takes two cards to get in front with Same Dog

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I’ve been wondering for a while how my greeting cards stack up against the big companies in terms of value. The price of one of my 100mm x 150mm greeting cards is $3.00 (AUD). It’s been a considered choice on my part to keep them at that price for the last few years. My rationale is fairly simple – I want to make a fair profit on my cards to justify the work I put into them, but I also want to keep them affordable to give people the opportunity to spread the word of Dog by giving their friends and family unique designs (and you do a bloody good job of that I must say). I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s also important to me that my cards are cheaper than a standard design you might get from one of the big multi-national companies in your newsagency.

So I donned my dark glasses and did some research in my local newsagency the other day. The cost of the offerings from the big companies varies a fair bit from your low quality imprints that they can manage to flog for $1.00, right up to the fancier offerings with embossing and glitter and digital recordings of cats singing carols which start at the $7.00 mark and spiral upwards from there. Their middle of the range cards that more closely match what you get from me seem to sit around the $5.00 mark so that’s what I’ve used for my comparison. After much clicking of my abacus this is what I’ve come up with: Continue reading

Cottony Christmas

It’s free dress day at work on Christmas Eve and you really do need to be the envy of your colleagues. To help you out, I’ve been adding to the range of Christmas shirts that I have available in my online store. Favourites from previous years like All I Want and Oh Deer are still in the lineup, but you can also now get hold of a few other popular designs that have only previously made it into the greeting card range.

A piece of advice if you are thinking of buying any of my shirts as Christmas pressies – it pays to buy now. If previous years are anything to go by, the elves at Red Bubble get snowed under in December and I know there have been occasional tears when shirts don’t arrive in time for the big day (generally mine). At the moment orders are arriving in Australia within the advertised timeframes of about ten working days, so I’d encourage you to beat the rush and cross one or two of your gifts off the shopping list.

If Christmas themed shirts are about as appealing to you as those cartoon character ties that the guy in IT insists on wearing, I’ve still got all my ‘normal’ designs available here.

I am your father too.

I Am Your Father Too

There’s niches, and then there’s niches of niches. This design might even take that a step further but I’m not sure because the Census data doesn’t shed much light on how many gay male Star Wars fan parents there are in the world. But there must be some out there surely, and don’t they deserve their own t-shirt just like everybody else?

Click on this link if, like to buy this tshirt, you would.  Hmmmmmm.


We’re still at Farm Bar Toto.

On 9 November 2012, a huge evening was planned for the Farm Bar at the Two Metre Tall brewery. An album was due to be launched by Andrew Marshall, buses were booked to bring in punters and the real ale was set to flow beautifully as always. Then a disaster struck. Almost. By mid morning the Bureau of Meteorology had issued a severe weather warning for Southern Tasmania including the chance of tornadoes. That’s right, tornadoes. And at the mention of the word tornado, Hobartians went just the tiniest bit crazy. Continue reading


Dalek Skincare and Beauty

I had an idea a couple of years ago that I wanted to do a design of a Dalek saying Exfoliate! Exfoliate! instead of the usual stuff that spits out of a Dalek. I tried a few times to get it done, but I was never quite happy with the results. A few weeks ago I finally worked out how I wanted to execute the design and after a couple of false starts I have the illustration that I wanted. I just hope the Doctor Who fans like it.

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